Friday, February 2, 2007

Panis Et Circenses

Ok, so todays post is sort of a cop out. I'm just posting a couple of Os Mutantes clips.
I love this band. To anyone unfamiliar with them, they were the Brazilian equivalent of the Beatles. They were involved in the Tropicalia movement, which blended Brazilan music with psychedelica. One thing they were also known for was wearing differnt costumes onstage. (Wedding Dress, Matador, Witches, etc.) Also, in Brazil at that time they were living in a military dictatorship, and being outspoken (which they were) and music (which they did) were definitely frowned upon. This is why the crowd is VERY unresponsive in this performance. (also I have always had the impression that the audience has armed guards around it just off camera from the way the people are looking around)


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