Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Demolition: Part 1

My apologies for not posting much lately. I have been quite busy. Between work and my latest project I haven't had a lot of time for much of anything (except playing the new Zelda game "Twilight Princess") I can't believe I have been playing that series of games for 20 years now. I never would have though it, but that's another story for later.
As I have mentioned previously we have a baby on the way. Of course this guessed it... I get to gut the spare room and refinish it! When I bought my house in 1998, one room didn't quite fit the rest of the house. I use to say it looked like a bad trip on there. It was simply hideous. Dig this:
Walls painted to look like the sky (which was a little groovy, but no thanks)
Yellow floor
Pink Trim
Grass Green area rug (which is now in my workshop in the garage

And my favorite...

A six foot sunflower painted on the wall. (well done I must say, but thanks)

This room has been several things in the past 9 years. It started as a display room for my collection of toys, comics, and other bric-a-brac. It was then sort of a catchall room, and most recently it was done as a guest room. Now it will be the child's room. Here are a few pics I took before I started. (sort of. I had already pulled the trim off)

Feast yer eyes mates...

progress and wall treasures uncovered!


Becca said...

Wow I wonder who thought the giant sunflower was a good idea?

Scurvy said...

I don't know what they were thinking. The preveious owners were a little off their rockers I think. I believe this was their little girl's room, and I bet she picked the colors. I have a feeling they were not going to just stop at one sunflower.
They also raised ostriches and kept them in the garage (which was run down, but now...not so much)