Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Best day ever at the dump!

Ok. So I was taking my trash to the dump this morning, and while I was there, what do I find, but Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain! I mean, holy crap!!
I was never much into collecting Masters of the Universe, but these were two pieces I always wanted as a kid.
Not only that, but I get them home, and all the accesories are there sealed up in ziploc bags! Damn! (ok, so CG is missing the flag, and some weapons, but still...)
To make things even better... the microphone on Snake Mtn. still works!! (so I can do my Skeletor voice ;) )
Way too cool. Check it out. (sorry some of the pics are a little dark.)


Becca said...

No fair!

But seriously awesome find.

Dr. Zaius said...

Seek and you shall find, they say. Very cool.

liljack said...

That is freakin' killer man. When I come to visit we are seriously gonna have to play with the Master's of the Universe stuff. Hells yeah.

Scurvy said...

You bet. I'll bust out the Little Van Goes too, and we can draw up some sweet vans!

Anonymous said...

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