Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Demolition: Part 2

I thought I would post an update of what I have been doing. Last time I posted pictures of what the room looked like. Since then I have gutted it completely, and took nearly a ton of plaster, lathes, and old (and new) blown in insulation to the dump. Here is what the room looked like as of yesterday before I started doing the electrical work. There was only a ceiling fan for a light (no wall switch) and one outlet. I now have 4 outlets in the room, and two wall mounted lights and a switch with a dimmer. (this brings the number of light switches in our house up to 3!) Check out the pictures tho...
This is the wall where the six foot sunflower once resided. Adios muchacho! off t'th'dump with it...

As you can see...there isn't much left to see.

Now to the wall treasures! Actually everything I found was in the ceiling under the floorboards in the attic. I found a bundle of curtain rods, a lid to a cookpot, stove parts including a warming shelf, trivet, and baking rack, a round piece of glass about 1/2 inch thick, and some sort of grate. The really cool thing I found tho was a invite to graduation for the local high school (which is now the elementary school) from the class of 1943! I didn't post a picture of it, but it has all the names of the graduates (many of them familiar to me) and is in really good shape still.
Above the door on a piece of wood I found an old shopping list. Here's what I can make out:
50 Sugar 2
40 Lard 3

2 Chicken
25 Pork

The rest is pretty illegible to me except the price being 16.70 something and then 'Paid Nov 13 05 (?) The date seems odd to me as my house was built in 1894. Guess someone has had this wall open at one time before me...???

Of course Finnegan was there to "help".
I also found one big ass fishhook. This fell out of the ceiling in the closet when I tore that down. Cute, huh?

This one has me stumped. It is a piece of glass the size of strip of film, and has pictures of these women on it looking very early 1900's.
And of course there were more curtain rods. Oh boy!

Stay tuned for part 3....


Becca said...

Wow! How cool to find all those treasures burried deep within the walls of your house. That's really the coolest.

I don't however envy all the work you have ahead of you, still it looks like fun!

Scurvy said...

Thankfully the hardest part is over. Insulating the ceiling/roof really sucked too cuz I had to feed it behind some strapping that was going lengthwise. Thank God thats over. Drywall I can deal with. Next is to pull the floor up and plane the yellow paint form the boards. Yay! I get to use me new toy. :D

Scurvy said...
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