Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Van of the Week (sort of): Liljack's Van Advertisments

Well, I hope that I can get back into a regular schedule of posting soon. This time around instead of focusing on one van, I want to share a collection that my friend Jackie put together. He scanned a shitload of old ads that used vans in them and the collection is pretty cool. Check it out. It's still a growing collection, and I have a few to scan and send him myself. Here is a couple...

The classic psychedelic Street Van ad from Dodge:

Here's one for BFGodrich that features the original Flying Eagle:

And this one which was available as iron ons, and posters and the like:

Check out the rest of his collection at http://iiidragons.com/gallery/Van-Advertisements


Becca said...

Man these ads bring back memories! When I was a was a kid we had an orange van with a dragon painted on the side. It was awesome shag interior and everything...man it was a sad day when my mom sold it.

I wish I still had that van.

Scurvy said...

Believe it or not it may still be out there. The one thing I am into the most is custom vans and vanning. I attend truck-ins, and there is still an active van culture. (It didn't die out like most people believe)
I'd love to see pictures of your old van. You should check out mine. (the link is in the upper right under my 'picture'.)

liljack said...

Cool stuff man, I am glad to see someone enjoying those. I have had 250 hits since I put them up in Jan. of '06. Thanks for the props.

Scurvy said...

You're welcome! Yer the man Jackie!

Becca said...

You got linked by Coop! He's got such a cool blog.