Saturday, January 27, 2007

Super cool desktop for you!

Like the picture I had of frost on my window a month or so ago, here is another picture I took that makes a killer desktop.
I was driving my wife into work one day, and on the side of the road we spotted a huge amount of vintage deep pile shag carpet! The best part is, it was all Cookie Monster blue! Too cool to just leave there, we grabbed it. While I had it all opened up at home to see how much there was (a lot!), I took some photos. This one is my favorite. Enjoy!


Becca said...

That is so cool! I would kill to have carpet like that in my house!

So how many Cookie Monsters do you have to kill to get a full carpet?

Scurvy said...

No Cookie Monsters were harmed during the making of this rug. Actually it's 'faux Cookie'. Little known fact: Cookie Monsters are fierce and bloody fighters, so getting the pelt of a real one is quite difficult, and would upset the truce the Cookies have with humans. ;)

Becca said...

I guess I'll have to go to the black market then for all my cookie fur needs.