Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Storm update: Rocky Road

Today I wanted to see what the final toll of the storm was to the area I posted pictures of the other day, so I went down there to find a "Road Closed" sign, and this. I drove thru anyway, which was probably not the smartest choice I have ever made, but the van took it just fine. I did see some other people attempting it in low built cars. They were pretty much plowing stones. Here's some cool pictures of storm damage:

(as always... click to enlarge them)

I never found that sign funny until today. Now I see the irony in it.

Some of the rocks left by the waves were quite large. Most of them actually...

When I came up over the rise this is what I saw. Amazing that water did all this.

Before they fixed the road some years back, this used to happen on the other side and take out the roadbed. Thank goodness that is done with. This was just about knee level when I stood next to it. A little higher in some spots.

Like I said... Wow.

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