Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Van Day!!

Happy Van Day to all! Every year when I take my van out of the garage from it's winter nap I like to make it a little event I call "Van Day". Sort of like my own little holiday. Every year I look it over and think the same thing too... "It could really use a new paint job". This year is no exception. I have a few little bubbles that have surfaced, but I can live with that. I am just happy it's Van Day. To me that signifies the start of summer, and the vanning season. (even though I have been driving my other van all winter) This one has a special place in my heart and this marks the 11th year I have had it.

What a gorgeous day out too! Hard to believe it looked like this only 2 weeks ago!


Reverend Frost said...

D'you think I could make a gig in your van?

Scurvy said...

That would be the coolest man. I play your disc a lot in it, so in a way yer already there brother.

Reverend Frost said...


ok, I'll bring the beers