Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Puppy Party (and post #50!)

Sorry about the recent lack of posts, but yer ol' Cap'n has been a wee bit sea sick lately. (Case o' scurvy)
First of all... Yay! 50 posts!! Thank you for the support I have gotten from the folks who read this blog. :D
I know I just did a doggy post, but this past weekend we went to a puppy birthday party. All but one of the litter (Mr. Smee) was there. A blast was had, and some tuckered out dogs went home that evening. Here's some pics:

Finnegan and Titan fooling around. Titan is the largest in the litter, Finnegan is second.

Finnegan and his sister Isha playing tug o' war. Titan is refereeing.

The matriarch of the clan: Maizy. She was some upset as she had a band-aid on her tush due to a sore she had. :(

The litter (save one): left (top to bottom)
Isha, Finnegan, and Monty (the dad)
Right: (clockwise)
Titan (red collar), Winston (has a more of a tail), Sophie (back to), and Maizy (the Mum)

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Becca said...

Let me be a total girly and say awwwwwwwww! That's so sweet!