Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The truth of the matter... and then some.

Ok. I recently posted several...um... questionable "facts" about myself. Here are seven actual truths about myself you may have not known.

1. One of my hobbies is taxidermy. I do what is known as the "European Mount" It is in essence a bare skull on the wall. In my house I have ones I have done ranging from deer and moose, to red squriell and field mouse.

2. I have worked longest as a boat builder (and looks like I will be returning to this field shortly) I have worked (and met) twice on boats owned by Jimmy Buffett, and have a sink out of one of them.

3. I have appeared in a photo on this blog exactly once.

4. I enjoy drinking Gin and Tonics. I drink them out of a (pint size) Aquaman "Super Series" moon glass from 1976.

5. I enjoy assembling products. One of my favorite things to see on a box is "Some assembly required"

6. I didn't cut my hair from 1991 to 2001. Now I keep my head shaved. (I still have my hair in a braid. Yes I'm keeping it)

7. I have 8 vehicles and 2 boats.

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