Monday, January 28, 2008

Check out my banana

First of all I just want to clear this up since it is the first thing everyone likes to say when they see a picture online:

I do not have or have access to Photoshop or any other photo manipulating programs (save iPhoto which just lets you change things like exposure, brightness, etc...)

A couple weeks ago I got a shipment of bananas in at work. (I'm still a produce manager at a small grocery store for a few more days) One of the boxes I opend had this "conjoined" banana in it. I took it home tooks some pics, and let it ripen for a few days before I peeled it. I was curious to see if there was peel in between the two pieces of fruit. Turns out there wasn't. It was truly 2 bananas inside one skin. Pretty cool work find I say.

Here's the pics:


Anonymous said...

dude, thats AWSOME! haha!

Anonymous said...

I also Found a conjoined banana today it was so cool everyone enjoyed seeing it