Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who knew?!?

Up for auction is this poster of Donald Duck encouraging us to wear a condom, as VD is high. This description form the auction reads thus:

23x24" black wood frame w/glass over cardboard mat which has 18x18" opening around the poster. This rare poster is the only one we know of and we believe of Australian issue. Text at top reads "And Me With Out A Pro.! Be Sly VD Is High." Great art depicts Donald Duck in an Australian soldier's uniform while behind him is an attractive woman in a tight slinky dress lying in wait behind a large plant. Donald has an exasperated look on his face as he is without a prophylactic. At the lower right is insignia "4MCD," we believe to be for the Fourth Medical Corps Division. Art is signed "Cyril Jones." There is a .5" dia. hole at center just to the left of Donald's head on one of the plant's large leaves. This does not really stand out but it could be restored and easily hidden. Poster has some lt. fold lines visible upon close inspection but remains totally bright and clean, displays great as framed. Fine. A rare and very interesting item for both war and Disney collectors. From the Deak Stagemyer Collection.

This poster cracks me up. I always knew there were women (of questionable morals ;) ) out there wh dug the DD voice, but geez ...


Becca said...

Wow that is so cool, I would so buy that. You know if I had money.

Scurvy said...

I was really surprised to see it was only at 250- when I found it. They said it was expected to go for 5-700 I think. Pretty low estimate imo.