Monday, May 21, 2007

Van of the Week-Pt. 2: Rollie's Econobar

As I said this post is a two parter. Here's part of the coolest things I've ever seen: The Econobar! In Rollie's own words, here's the description:

"While traveling back home from a weekend campout with
another local Van club, I was fortunate to stop at a friend's home and
strike up a conversation about "Items" that may be found on "E-Bay". He
mentioned to me if I would happen to know of anyone that might be
interested in an old Ford Van Front end? I asked him what he had, "70's"?
He said no, an Early 1961 Econoline Front end! I said may I see it? He took
me out to his barn, behind his house and we climbed a ladder into the
attic. Boy to my surprise was this NOS set of panels with the Original
stickers! I told him that I would buy them off of him, and what did he want
for them? I offered him $150, but he said that since he had known me for so
long, $100 would do quite well! COOL!!!
I decided this past year, that the time had finally come for me to
design and build the "Bar-of-my-dreams" and it has taken since July to get
where she is today!"

The "Econo-Bar" specifications are:

Front: 1961 N.O.S. panels
Framework: 3/4" Melamine
Color: 2003 G.M. Flame Yellow
Top: 3" thick Maple Butcher block
Sound system: Kenwood amplifier
Gemini 4 channel mix board
Speakers: 2 600 watt Kenwood Sub-woofers
2 150 watt KLH indoor/outdoors in the headlight grills
Electronics: 110 volt on board
12 volt on board to operate the headlights and
parking lights
Cabinetry: 5 slide-out cabinets w/ oak veered door panels
Storage for @ 120 CD's on board
Custom built dollies: to accommodate the weight

Of course true to form, he had me do one of my Vantoon renderings of the Econobar too. I even added a logo made from the same script they used for the Econoline door emblems.
Here's a shot of the bar with my drawings on display in their new home, which in itself is like a museum to vanning. Rollie has made some incredible wooden signs which make up a good portion of his collection.


Zo said...

I have a 1964 Econoline, seeing this made me sad and excited all at the same time. If ever that horrible day comes where I just can't drive the thing anymore, well this is a great idea. Send me an email and I'll send you some pics if you want. j1bounce AT gmail DOT com

Scurvy said...

Rollie is a true vanner, and the fact that no vans were destroyed to make this says a lot about him. I was hoping to see it in person this summer, but I think it will have to wait until another time. Thanks for your comment, and I sent you an email.

experiment33 said...

Fantastic bar. I never thought to incorporate sound equipment directly into the bar. I need the space for the liquor and barware. Do you keep that stuff in the cabinets behind the bar?

Scurvy said...

Wow. I got boingboinged. :D

Anonymous said...

Can I buy this from you? I love it.

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