Thursday, March 8, 2007

Van of the week: Wizard's Revenge

Trying to get back on track here...
This week's van is called "Wizard's Revenge". Unfortunately I have no other info aside form that.
I know it hails from somewhere in Ontario. It is a mid-Dodge (71-78) like mine, and sports a custom grille, flares, visor, and spoiler. It also appears to have wooden running boards (which is also in my long range goals)
It's beautifully airbrushed in earth tones depicting fantasy images, and no doubt has a full custom interior. One of my favirite things about this particular van is it is a long wheelbase model, which I prefer. Sure the shorties look cooler, and are more sought after, but for a trick interior you just can't beat the extra room. This is definitely one van I hope to see in person at a truck-in someday.
I culled these pics from my home away from home(page) where I am an active member with almost 5000 posts on the forums so far.


Becca said...

That is so cool! Sometimes I think they just made vans longer so they could make the paintings bigger and more elaborate.

Reverend Frost said...

He has a blog!
he has a van !
Hallelujah !
(how you been mate?)

Scurvy said...

Becca- Yes. Longer vans= bigger canvas inside and out for sure :) Wait till you see some of the ones I am going to be posting.

Rev-I've been well Tom. Glad to see you back out on the internets and found your way here!