Tuesday, March 20, 2007

1976 Nationals part 1

Wow. Check out this vintage promo video put out by BFGoodrich. It's a mini-documentary from 1976 covering the Nationals (which were held in Bowling Green, KY that year and were the 4th annual. This year is the 35th National Truck-in, and will be in Cortland, OH.) Vanning has changed a lot since then, and this shows it at it's height. Back then there were commercial sponsors and attendance to truck-ins numbered in the thousands. Many vanners then objected to the commercialism that was begining to take place and the "2%" movement took place. I'll explain that more another time. The crowds my be smaller now, but the atmosphere hasn't changed. The guy who explains it in part 2 nails it on the head. Seeing this really makes me want to get the van out of the garage and go to a truck-in. Enjoy. (yes the music is a little hard to take in the video, but what the hell. It was 30 years ago for God's sake, what do you want???)

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