Sunday, March 25, 2007

Van of the Week: Vanvida!

This week's van is one of my personal favorites (again. ;) what did you expect? It's my blog afterall...) I'm guessing a lot of people who see this have never seen a van with a chopped top before. This is a highly difficult body mod to do, and requires a good deal of time, skill, and a parts vehicle or two.
One of the best examples of a choped van is this one... Vanvida. The owner, Israel Perez of Witchita, Kansas tells me that this 1978 Ford Econoline has had 8 inches cut from the body, which in the state of Kansas makes it just barely legal to drive. :D The mural on the back depicts several of the other vans he and his wife have owned over the years, and the covers on his lake pipes were fabricated by his daughter. Israel is a long time vanner, and the name of his van means 'van life'. The interior, which sadly I have no pictures of, is tatefully decorated in a manner which also shows off his heritage. Enjoy the pics.

Here is a picture of Israel taken at a lowrider show with one of the models. It really shows just how low this van is. Way too cool!

Finally here is the vantoon I did for him last fall.

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Becca said...

I like the vantoon drawing, very cool. I've never been very good at drawing cars so I am always very impressed when someone can do it well.