Monday, May 26, 2008

Back from Lost

Welcome back. I am back form my weekend van trip to Lost Memorial Day Weekend. I had a great time, partied with some great vanners, saw some killer rides, and as always, it was over too soon. Now to get ready for the Nats!
My new trailer worked great, made for worse mileage (by about 2mpg...whatever), but not having all our stuff piled up in the van so as not to be able to move made the trade off worth while. Here's a few pics to enjoy.

This classic van now sports a new coat of art done by my friend Guy (who sadly did not make it this year) Why I didn't get a picture of the new mural... well, they were parked a little close during the show, and I didn't catch up the rest of the weekend, so I now have a new mission. Get a pic of the Eagle's new paint!

This one features some awesome stained glass portholes.

This is the van Visions. Truly an excellent example of an updated classic. The body is a mid Ford, but the nose features headlights from a modern era Chevy pickup. Awesome body work on this one.

Visions interior.
What the?!? That top wasn't chopped last year!! Still an amazing van, and the funny part is it's the owners work truck!

Hey I even made the light show this year! All in all I have to say I had a great time, and special thanks go out to my friends in Moon Lite Vans of Reading PA. for letting me park with them. (and not kidnapping Finnegan! :D ) See you in Altamont in July!

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