Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Vantoon

Last night I decided that my break from drawing had to come to an end, so I whipped up this little piece I call "Gone Vannin'". I don't usually name my drawings, as they are often just of peoples rides, but this one is right out of my head, it told me it's name. I made one of my favorite things, that being a van and matching trailer combo. The van is a mid-Dodge (like mine of course) and has several features/mods I like on vans I have seen like the Vista Cruiser roof for example. I hope you enjoy the picture, and know that they should start coming again with some degree of frequency.

BTW- Yes I will color it eventually, but for now I like the b&w.


Becca said...

That's really cool it kind of looks like a grasshopper with antenae. Really great drawing!

Scurvy said...

Thank you, It was nice to get back to drawing.