Thursday, July 24, 2008

A recent vantoon

Here is a recent drawing I have done of the classic van Nautilus. This is a multi-show winning van from back in the 70's that graced the cover of many magazines, and was recently restored by a vanner from PA. It has had several different paint schemes over the years, and the roof was chopped when the van had less than 40 miles on it! But I digress, and I intend to feature this one as a van of the week feature soon.

Here is a couple of pictures I snapped of Nautilus at the Nats last week.

The interior... with the drawing on display. :D


Becca said...

The inside of that van is great!! I love the glass cabinet, tres tres groovy!

virtualvanner said...

Nice work Cap'n !

Scurvy said...

Becca- It is indeed a work of art! Wait until you see the horseshoe shaped sofa in the rear and stained glass sunroofs!

Virtual- Thanks. Hopefully I can get a few more of these done before the calendar comes out eh?