Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Watery Tarts

Granted they're not hurling scimitars about, but here are two very beautiful pictures I found over at Shorpy's.

These beautiful pictures were both taken by Toni Frissel. The first is taken in 1947 at Weeki Wachee Springs, FLA, where they have a "mermaid" show. I'd love to make a stop there someday. It was also featured as the cover of "Undercurrent", a 1962 Jazz album by Bill Evans, and Jim Hall. (making this a partial album cover post!)

Shorpy's photo blog is a great site, and I urge you to visit it if you are a fan of vintage photo's. I especially love the old railroad ones on there, but it's just an incredible site overall.
The second, taken in 1939 in the dolphin tank at Marineland in FLA, and was featured in the Oct. issue of that year's 'Vogue' magazine.

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