Monday, December 25, 2006

A couple of my recent drawings

One of the things I draw is cartoon style vans for my vanner friends. Here are a few recent ones I did on commission for Christmas gifts.
These were both done for my friend "Snotty", who is President of 'Moon Lite Vans' from Reading, PA. The Orange Chevy was done for his son, who owns the actual van.

The other was a gift to his brother 'Yux' of his 2nd generation Chevy. Again, here is a picture of the actual van.

I'll post more of these 'vantoons' in the future as well as pictures of my paintings, and some glass engraving. Stay tuned...


Becca said...

Great drawings, I love the colors.

Scurvy said...

Thanks. I haven't done much drawing the last 10 or so years, so to get back to it (from painting), has been pretty fun. I have had quite a few orders for these since I started doing them in late Oct. or so.